Event Highlights

Excellence Awards

These awards recognise the contributions of Community Care staff who have demonstrated exemplary service and commitment in delivering quality care to their clients.

The following awards will be given out at the ceremony:

(A) Individual Awards

  • Gold Award
  • Silver Award

(B) Team Awards

  • Clinical Quality Improvement Award
  • Client Experience Improvement Award
  • Productivity and Innovation Award

For more information regarding Excellence Awards, please click here.

Technology Exhibition

Over 30 technologies and robotic solutions related to rehabilitation, fall prevention, transfer, clinical care, logistics, tracking, monitoring and more will be showcased at the exhibition.

Exhibition Product List

Product Functionality  Types of Equipment
Fall Management
  • Bed Exit Sensor
  • Toilet Sensor
Transfer Aids
  • Shower Trolley
  • Hygiene chair
  • Transfer Wheelchair
  • Vital Signs Monitoring Device
Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Processor
  • Combi Oven
Cleaning Aids
  • Floor Scrubber
Clinical/ Nursing Equipment


  • Pill Crusher
  • Bladder Scanner
  • Vein Finder
  • Feeding Tube with IRIS camera
  • 3D Wound Camera
  • Automated Repositioning System
Infection Control
  • Waste Packing Machine
Location tracking
  • Fleet Management System with Optimisation and Scheduling of Vehicles
Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Gaming Rehab
  • Standing Rehabilitation Aids
  • Air Resistance Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Cyber Bike
  • Body Spider Machine
  • Coordination Training Tool
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle
  • Feeding Robot

Please click here to download the full exhibition catalogue.