About the Festival

This event brings leaders and practitioners from the Community Care sector together to promote a culture of patient safety and quality improvement through the sharing of best practices.

The theme for this year’s festival is “Delivering Value for Clients …One improvement at a time”. Throughout the conference, the concept of value will be explored from different perspectives including:

  1. What is value from clients’ perspective;
  2. How service providers can maximize value; and
  3. What we can learn about value creation from a non-healthcare setting.

Breakout topics include delivering safer care, understanding what matters to clients, and exploring better, faster and/or cheaper ways of doing things.

Excellence Awards

The Community Care Excellence Awards ceremony will be held in conjunction with the Quality & Productivity Festival and posters by Award winners will be displayed at the event.

Technology Exhibition

The exhibition aims to bring Community Care institutions, commercial vendors and industry partners together to share ideas and collaborate with each other to scale effective productivity initiatives to the Community Care sector.